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Investment & Hedging Solutions for Institutional Investors

Systematic Investment, Trading Portfolio Setup, Stock Buyback Program with VWAP Guarantee at Zero Cost, Hedging & Valuation Advisory Solutions for Institutional Investors.

Investment Portfolio Setup

We provide wing-to-wing services to enable institutional clients to gain exposures to global equities thru their preferred trading platform.


Equity Investments & Hedging

We help institutional clients with minority investments in public companies to manage earnings volatility with equity listed derivatives strategies at minimal cost.

Corporate Treasury Services

We support Corporate Treasuries globally to add risk assets to their balance sheet for superior returns within the risk appetite of the firm.

IR & FX Hedging

Our risk mitigation services include enabling institutional clients to manage their FX and Interest Rate exposures. FX and Interest Rate exposures are netted using our proprietary Algorithm to minimise hedging cost within predefined VaR limits.

Commodity Program

Our proprietary fully automated trading algorithm scans the commodity markets daily to identify attractive trade entry points based on both fundamental and technical indicators. The program is open only to institutional investors with minimum investment of $1MM.

VWAP Guaranteed Stock Buyback Programs

SIVA’s fully automated proprietary stock buyback algorithm is designed to beat Market VWAP for large-cap stocks. Unlike banks, our trading algorithm comes at zero cost and can be set up in any institutional brokerage account in compliance with 10b-18 requirements, saving both cost and admin time.

Why Siva?

Algorithms Designed for Every Investment and Hedging Need

Systematic Investment and Valuation Advisory (SIVA) is a proprietary trading firm, catering to institutional investors, specialising in algorithmic trading, with focus on consistent income generation, asset appreciation and market making.

SIVA’s trading algorithms have been designed to consistently achieve superior risk-adjusted returns with backtesting implying sharpe ratios higher than 2.0 across all strategies.

Current strategies utilise both price-based momentum indicators and fundamental factors with trailing stop loss limits, which move with the underlying asset price.


Years of Experience


Team Members

Returns with Minimal Manual Intervention

How can SIVA empower your trading pursuits?

Principal Investment Strategies​

Designed to Achieve Superior Risk-adjusted Returns

Equity Investment

The Fund’s equity investment strategy represents positions in Equity listed derivatives designed to provide exposure to mainly US financial market.

Fixed Income & Commodity

With the resurgence of volatility in commodities in 2022, commodity based trade signals are getting generated more consistently.

FX & IR Hedging

In addition to providing structuring and execution advise around hedging Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate exposures, SIVA provides institutional clients a netting algorithm, which seeks to achieve pre-defined risk mitigation objectives (VaR limits) at minimal cost (lowest hedging cost).

SIVA's Advantage

Systematic Trading Combined with Fundamental & Technical Research

SIVA focuses on alpha generation with fundamental and technical research, combined with efficient trade structuring and market making in underlying stocks and derivatives using volatility trading strategies with a short to medium term focus.
Indicative Level of Automation per Investment Theme
Equity Investments
Interest Rates and FX
Fixed Income & Commodity Trading

Our Team

Meet The Experts

Gaurav Singhal manages SIVA’s equity and commodity derivatives portfolio with a focus on alpha generation through fundamental and technical research combined with trade structuring.

Gaurav Singhal

Financial Advisor

James Stedman leads SIVA’s portfolio diversification initiatives, managing SIVA’s FX and Cryptocurrency based portfolios.

James Stedman, PhD

Financial Advisor